Sunday, 9 October 2016

Food Trailer Manufacturer – Right Solution for a Day/Night Business

Very few businesses offer better margins than a successful mobile food trailer business. The overheads are low and usually fixed with little variation, and the food prices can be chosen to suit the food and the place where the mobile trailer does its business. Moreover, it is can be an all-day business – you can choose to ply your trade any time of the day or night, and you are likely to get customers as long as you know where to look.

Food trailers are a cheaper option than food trucks when it comes to launching a mobile food business. You will get a better, bigger, brand-new food trailer for the same price you pay for a small, second hand food truck and best of all, you can have it built and fitted out to suit you and your business. All you need to do is to find a quality food trailer manufacturer who will help you start your day/night business easily. 

It is quite easy to find such a food trailer manufacturer. Here are a few steps you can use: 

•Start by searching online for a quality food trailer manufacturer in your city. The internet will give you quite a few names, some in your city and some in a neighbouring town. 
•Read up on these businesses. In addition to browsing their site, look for reviews and recommendations in forums and their Facebook page to get an initial idea of which manufacturer is better. 
•Once you have done your homework, call up the business and ask the relevant questions such as: 

  • Are their food trailers built locally in Australia or are they imported from China?
  • How long it takes them to build a food trailer?
  • Do they have food trailers already under construction that you can go and view to check the quality of their work? 
  • Will they provide the equipment or do you have to purchase and provide to them? (Be aware that some food trailer manufacturers may be able to offer discounts on cooking equipment and appliances due to the fact that they often buy in bulk).
  • Do they have expertise in designing food trailers for your type of cuisine?
  • Can they create floor plans of your food trailer free of charge or is there a cost involved for this service?
  • What is the average price of a food trailer? 
  • Do their food trailers conform to Australian Standards?
  • Can the food truck manufacturer build to your local council’s requirements, keeping in mind every council throughout Australia has different design requirements?

•After you have your answers, visit the businesses and check their capabilities. A food trailer needs to be built by experts who know how to fit out a commercial kitchen.  They also need to have professionals that can complete the electrical, plumbing and gas components required when fitting out a food trailer, as well as provide the appropriate certification. Talking to them will give you a good idea on whether they can help you or you need to keep looking.

Your food business can be operated as long or as little as you like.  A few hours a day, weekends only or every day, day and night.  You’re the boss, you get to decide how long and hard you want to work!

To have a business that can run all day and night (if that’s what you choose to do) requires a food trailer manufacturer who knows how to make a robust food trailer that you can rely on to  function round the clock and help you build your business into something great. Start your search today.

Places Where You Can Find a Food Trailer for Sale

If you are planning to start a mobile food business, finding a food trailer is the first task you need to look at. You can rely on the following resources to get the perfect one for your business: 

•Food trailer manufacturers: For anyone wanting a trailer that is designed and built exclusively for their type of cuisine, a food trailer manufacturer is the best option. You can decide on the interior and exterior design of the vehicle with input from a professional.  The manufacturer can help guide you, ensuring the best design to allow your business to run efficiently and effectively. For anyone wanting to build a brand and become instantly recognisable, this is certainly the best option.  A food trailer manufacturer can help you build a trailer with a point of difference, one that will help you stand out from the crowd.

•Gumtree and other local classifieds: Private advertisements might help you crack the right deal. There are often people advertising their food trailer for sale and there are bargains to be had. Select the one that you think fits with your requirements and forge your food trail.  It is important to judge the food van on parameters such as age, storage capacity, equipment space, price, etc. before you invest in it. Be mindful too of the cost involved to have the food trailer modified to suit your needs and your local council requirements.

•Enquire with other food truck owners. The food truck industry is still very small in Australia.  Food truck owners will often know of anyone wanting to sell their food truck or trailer.  

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Rise of Food Trucks in Brisbane

Brisbane now boasts some of the best restaurants and cafes in the country. Of late, the focus of food entrepreneurs seems to have shifted to food trucks, which are becoming popular not just in Brisbane but Australia wide. The city’s multicultural milieu is reflected in the range of cuisines on offer, tempting locals and visitors towards their delicious fare.

Many food truck owners do not like being restricted in what cuisine they cook. Conformity is out, innovation is in. The result has been a sporadic rise in the number of food trucks that are willing to bend the rules and bring out food that has never before been seen in their native lands. Some attempts at fusion food have also gained admirers among the harshest critics. And yet, there is room for more.

Popular Food Choices for Street Food in Brisbane

Barbeque: The messiest of street foods still remains a big draw. The secret seems to be an unpretentious, but by no means simple style. Slow smoked pulled pork shares space with braised ribs and beef brisket. Roasted vegetable salads and corn salsa that accompany them are terrific by their own right. It is not just the legendary American barbeque that draws the crowds, European and Asian styles are wildly popular options for food truck entrepreneurs.

Burgers: This often goes hand in hand with the barbeque serving food trucks, but a large number of people prefer to have their meat served between slices of fresh bread or buns. This is the hallmark of these food trucks. Fusion makes its presence felt here more than anywhere else with an array of cuisines being incorporated into the classic burger. Some of the most innovative chefs have created sandwiches, buns, and burgers that defy belief. They are a treat for the eyes as they are for the taste buds.

Regional: Mexican and Asian food reign supreme here. Yet others are making their presence known, and Brisbane loves it. A host of little heard of dishes are now the talk of the town as gastronomic delights from around the world are making their way to the streets of Brisbane via food trucks where food truck owners are becoming even more experimental than restaurant chefs.

Drinks: The ever dependable cup of coffee has never been more accessible, with food truck owners also offering cold drinks, milkshakes and juices along with freshly baked muffins, cakes, and cookies.

Perennial favourites like pizza and ice-cream are still great food truck ideas, and continue to be popular at all times of the year.  There are a number of wood fired pizza food trucks roaming the streets of Brisbane right now and judging by their popularity, there’s plenty of room for more. With some dedication, almost anyone with a passion for cooking can start a food truck business. A little business acumen and a custom built food truck can turn a good idea into a veritable success.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Custom Food Trailer – Build to Meet Your Needs

Are you starting a food truck business or thinking of expanding your current fleet of food trucks? Whether you are new to the street food business or already have some experience, do not waste your money on buying second hand or imported, cheaply built food trucks that may not suit your purpose. Rather, get a quality custom food trailer or food truck made to suit your exact needs and see your business soar high.

These days, there is an enormous demand for food served from food trucks because they offer the choice of gourmet cuisines to customers at reasonable prices, often in a fun and “buzzing” environment. The mobile food van allows you to take your passion and delight in preparing and serving food to the next level. You can go wherever the customers are rather than waiting for them to come to you. The food served from these vans can be anything from a full meal to snacks and coffee.

Various Australian food truck manufacturers design and build custom trucks as per their client’s need. They have the expertise to design and visualise the structure using CAD software in house. Their techniques allow clients to make tweaks and even make major changes easily before building commences. With superior craftsmanship and high-quality graphic designs, the final food trailer product should not only be attractive, but functional as well. Customised food trailers have a dazzling array of options that suit even the most astute owner’s requirements and marketing standards.

Here are some reasons why you should opt for a custom food trailer:

•Customisation is Important: Whether it is just coffee and snacks that you wish to serve to white collar executives during lunch hour, or you want to showcase a particular exotic cuisine, you need a truck that is built just for you with a kitchen to suit your needs. Manufacturers who understand your concept and then design the food truck to match it will create a mobile kitchen that combines looks and functionality.

•Space Optimisation is Crucial: In a food truck, you don't have the luxury of space. Hence, even a centimetre of space that is underutilised or unused is a big loss. A custom food trailer designed and built just for you will ensure efficiency and optimal use of space.

•Point of Difference: With so many different trucks out there, yours needs to look conspicuous and inviting. Food truck manufacturers today can fit LED screens, speakers, neon signs and other gizmos to make your truck stand out at a food fest.

A custom food trailer built by a professional company offers significant advantages. With a little extra investment, you can start your business with a dominant edge over your competitors.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Custom Food Trailer – Boost Your Business Productivity Today!

The idea of owning and operating a street food stall is not new. The idea is to hit the sweet spot with the choice of food and how it is prepared and served. Starting a food truck business is cheaper than owning a restaurant and it has the flexibility to let you venture out to go where your customers are.

Food trucks in the street food business are an advantage to both the owner and the customer. The owner tends to attract a lot of customers at the right location. Customers can delight in the ease and functionality of obtaining tasty food easily. It is common to find food trucks parked near public parks, outside pubs and bars, streets with offices, the beach, or near tourist attractions. A food truck can also cater to the needs of their customers during special events all over the city. Custom food trucks are easily accessible, and are often hired to replace caterers entirely. They are becoming increasingly common at weddings, concerts and corporate events.

A large part of the success in a food truck venture comes from being able to provide prompt service. Customers will simply walk away if their order takes too long. This can escalate quickly without proper planning. A well-designed custom food truck is important to ensure smooth and efficient workflow.

Custom food trailers are essentially mobile restaurants, and need a similar discipline in operating the kitchen. There needs to be adequate room to work without having to constantly shift around to let others pass by. Planning your layout well with a custom food truck can ensure that the staff can do their duties without stepping on each other’s toes. A smooth workflow ultimately translates into better productivity, leading to more happy customers.

A food trailer is more convenient than owning a restaurant. With lower investment and operational costs, you can soon cover your outlay and start making a decent profit. A custom food trailer allows you to maximise your productivity and boost your business, reaching your goals faster.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Finding Reputable Food Van / Food Trailer Manufacturers

The love for street food is something Australians will never cease to give up. Aussies are incredibly fortunate to have such a wide array of beautifully fresh local produce which allow any cuisine to come to life.There are many different varieties of taste buds to satisfy that food trailer and food truck owners have found themselves an incredible, enviable business opportunity. The advent of this “food truck revolution” has also created a demand for food truck / food trailer manufacturers all over the country. Australia is a big country and its multicultural urban lifestyle gets reflected in the kind of food which is served in the various restaurants and more so more recently in various types of food trucks and food trailers. Investing in a food van has vastly lower overheads than setting up a restaurant. This gives an opportunity for passionate cooks to turn their passion into their vocation without subjecting themselves to huge financial risk.

Food trucks have been doing brisk business for a long time but not in the numbers we are seeing today. The food truck industry now offers a host of new features and options. Food trailer manufacturers have paved the way for an all new, jazzed up way to serve people with varying tastes and sensibilities. Food truck owners are now welcomed at festivals, carnivals and events in place of full time caterers. They bring variety, enthusiasm, and quality that large caterers can seldom meet.

Food trailer manufacturers design different types of mobile vans for entrepreneurs based upon their menu and other factors such as equipment required. While many prefer to cook and serve gourmet “fast food” to their customers, mobile bakers, confectioners, and bars have found space to run profitably. Despite so many new entrants competing with the old, the market is far from saturated with new markets and events popping up on a regular basis.

It is always better to design and build a custom-made food truck from a reputed mobile food van manufacturer than buying a ready-made one. Having a food truck built from scratch will ensure you are getting a functional kitchen designed around the food you are serving.

A custom built food truck will contain specialised equipment and commercial appliances based on the owner’s requirements. It is essential to have impeccable plumbing, electrical and gas setups to ensure safety and efficiency and adherence to local council guidelines. Custom food truck manufacturers herein Australia utilise the best quality locally sourced parts and materials to design, build and fit out the trucks and trailers. These manufacturers create unique kitchen layouts which provide enough room for the crew to work unhindered. Food truck manufacturers are able to create food trucks that comply with all rules and regulations to ensure the best quality, functional product for their clients.